Why We Exist

The Bible tells of how short Zacchaeus was crowded out in his longing to see Jesus (Luke19:1-3).


Somewhere beyond the crowds of religion and a valueless, anti-God modern day culture; somewhere beyond the hustling and bustling and pressures of our day, we believe that Jesus wants to be clearly seen and known. 


We believe that in Jesus is God’s answer to every question of humanity in every age.


And interestingly, we believe the world is longing to see the reality of Jesus. But like Zacchaeus, many people find it a struggle:


‘And he sought to see who Jesus was, but could not because of the crowd, for he was of short stature.’  Luke 19:3 NKJV


They long for an experience of Jesus’ love in the midst of a hurting world; they long for a simple revelation of His truth in the midst of religious complications; they long for an experience of His healing in the midst of the disappointments and brokenness life has thrown them; they long for His plans and purposes in the midst of the hunger and lack and the meaningless day-to-day struggles.


The Sycamore was Zacchaeus’s elevation to see Jesus. Strategically planted. Accessible to Zacchaeus. Accessible to Jesus. Contact point where mere existence becomes a life of meaning. We like to feel that anybody – and everybody – can find a home at the Sycamore – that unlikely, ordinary but firmly planted tree, where the impossible gap between a sinful Zacchaeus and a Saviour Jesus; a longing Zacchaeus and a seeking Jesus; a crowded-out Zacchaeus and an all-seeing Jesus; a potential-heavy Zacchaeus and a potential-fulfilling Jesus; is bridged.


Jesus isn’t as far away from people as the pressures of life make it seem He is.


Sycamore Church is set up and exists to give a genuine and personal experience of Jesus – of His Life, His Love, His Purposes and His People. We do all we can to make Jesus clearly seen beyond all ‘crowding out’ factors.  We work hard to present Jesus and the message of the gospel in as simple a way as we possibly can.


Our services, outreaches and ministries have an overwhelming focus on Jesus.  We know we can’t- but we believe Jesus changes lives, situations and communities, and that He is the only hope for our world. So we do church and live passionate about making Him clearly seen and famous.


Our Church ministries are largely concentrated on outreach in our community and our world.  We long to be an expression of Jesus to the people in our world.