You are Welcome!


‘So he ran ahead and climbed up into a Sycamore tree to see Jesus, for Jesus was going to pass that way.’ Luke 19:4 NKJV

We’re privileged to be in the heart of a move of God!


The world population has crossed the seven billion people mark, and it’s easy to see that as some big abstract figure out there.  But we realize that behind each unit of the seven billion digit is a unique person, an identity and a name. And behind each name is a well-detailed story – a story that has probably gone through several planned or unplanned turns and twists. It’s the name of a real person who has laughed, loved and been hurt; it’s a real heart full of uttered or unuttered dreams and desires.


We believe the Almighty God – creator of every living being – is absolutely interested in every detail of everybody’s story! He’s not only interested in hearing it out, but He’s got amazing plans on how that story can be a delight and have a happy, purposeful and exciting ending.


We believe He brings this to every individual through an exciting relationship with His son, Jesus.


We believe that’s the line between mere existence and life.

That’s why we’re here: to help people see Jesus, come into an exciting relationship with Him, discover His purposes for their lives and find fulfillment living it.

Welcome home! Welcome to a community of real everyday people who are being changed by an experience of Jesus. We’re falling in love with the One who loved us at our worst, and we long to spend our lives and passions to make Him famous. The more we do that, the more we realize there’s no greater purpose to existence than the love and life that flows from Him.


We like to feel anybody – and everybody – can find a home at the Sycamore – that unlikely, ordinary but firmly planted tree where the impossible gap between a sinful Zaccheus and a saviour Jesus; a longing Zaccheus and a seeking Jesus; a crowded-out Zaccheus and an all-seeing Jesus; a potential-heavy Zaccheus and a potential-fulfilling Jesus; is bridged, regardless of a criticizing crowd of people and factors.


We hope that your time around our website would leak the heart of who we really are to you: a people on a passionate journey towards Jesus, and passionate about getting as many people we can to join us on the journey and in the experience.

We’re excited at the possibilities of doing life with you!