K.I.S.S. It: Keep it Simple, Saints!

Never make it more complicated than it really is. Simplicity is style - it’s our style.

We Love Miniskirts

Make it long enough to cover the essential things, but short enough to be interesting. In effectively reaching a generation with a short attention span and clogged up in busy routines, we will continue to work on deploying miniskirts around everything. We will deliberately make services, meetings, programmes and events void of unnecessary traditions, unnecessary structuring and avoidable drags.

Welcome Home

This isn’t really about welcoming you to a building. Our great desire is that every time you think about Sycamore, you’ll know the inexplicable warmth of belonging and acceptance, regardless of who you are, where you’re from and where you are on your life’s journey. Our desire is to constantly be a promise of arms wide open to you through every season of your life, of hearts stretched out to you, of shoulders to lean on, of a place where you can let down all guards and give generously to be a part of building life, and most importantly, of a loving Father - God whose presence you can boldly call your forever home. Home for us isn’t a house, it’s a feeling.

Eat the Fish- its filling; Why Worry About the Bones?

We readily admit that we might not understand everything about life and God, or be the soundest theologians of our day. We really might not have an applaudable position on every historical, contemporary or biblical controversy; but with the burden God has put in our hearts, we believe we have more than enough to run with! The simplicity of elevating people to see Jesus, of making him seen and famous in our generation is involving and fulfilling enough- why bother ourselves with what happened to dinosaurs?

The Oliver Twist in us

We constantly refuse to be satisfied just yet. Keep believing for a little more, and pushing ourselves for it. Keep stretching our lives and love on the ‘red-zone’ edge.

The Journey Is As Important As The Destination

We don’t just do life, or do relationships or do loving God, or worship void of passion like it’s just about ending up in heaven someday. We do it all passionately, we enjoy our journey to where we’re headed. We value every moment, every day and count it as an opportunity. Life, for us, is for living!

We’re Not That Foolish, We’re Seeing Jesus!

Our church experience is centred around a focus on Jesus. Our emphasis is overwhelmingly on Jesus. He is our One True Hero. Our aim is to constantly present Him over and again to people and give them the privilege of connection with Him. We want to help people see Jesus, experience His love and presence and come into a passionate and purposeful life through relationship with Him. It’s easy to leave our service without knowing the Pastor’s name, but we hope you would know all you need to about Jesus, and be given a deliberate opportunity to accept or reject Him. We realize that all of this would be a foolish empty religious cycle, except that we are seeing Jesus!

Wherever Jesus Is, There is Church!

The highlight of Church for us is not about a style, or a person. It’s never about a venue, or a setting. It’s not about an arrangement or a method or a tradition. It’s all about Jesus. If He’s in it, and everything else is absent, we believe we still have church!