Our Experience Writing The Song ‘God is Good’

We see ourselves first as being part of the church and then happening to be on the worship team.  Our motivation really is to bring people together and worship God. 

My view of the ‘God is Good’ song is that it was very timely. I also think it’s one of those songs that is kind of timeless. Everyone is always in a situation where you really just need to know that God is good, no matter what anything or everything else may say or dictate at the time.

I guess God did bring out the song at the time that it needed to be out.

In writing songs and leading worship, what you want to come across is authenticity. You want people to know that you are singing to a real God. It’s not a show at all. It’s not a show. Well, I’ve heard it preached so many times: our job is not to heal anyone, or set anyone free, or to save anyone; but it’s to paint a real picture of a real God who loves us. We show the truest picture we can, with the tools we’ve been given- which for us is [through] song and beautiful music.  

Writing ‘God is good’ was definitely a Holy Spirit-inspired process. It was supernatural, though it played out in a very natural way. It was not a one man thing- different people put in effort and ideas together and in about one week, we were able, by God’s grace to express God’s heart for us and to us in words and music.

It was fun being a part of the writing process! There were also lessons we learnt. Let’s share two:

  1. The supernatural workings of God are not always spectacular:Pastor Tolu spoke words over the worship team during a prayer service back in April 2017, about God giving us songs, among other things. It took a couple of months to see the fruits of those words. I was expecting some spectacular moment, where we would be locked in a room and like the day of Pentecost, a mighty rushing wind will bring lyrics and tunes to us. But I was wrong. I still can’t completely explain how in two weeks, we had two songs on sycamore worship’s name without forcing anything. It definitely wasn’t as spectacular as I expected, but it was a supernatural working of God!

The chorus and bridge of ‘God is good’ were written in a store while doing “warm-ups” before a service!!! (truthfully, it was more of chilling while hiding from set up!) It seemed ordinary at the time. A few days later, sitting around with a guitar, a board and a marker seemed ordinary.  We dedicated one whole day to try to write the verses, but went home blank. Pastor Tolu went home and came back the next morning with three verses that seemed pretty ordinary! But now, I hear testimonies of how the song has been an assurance for people; I hear how those lyrics that sprang up from ordinary moments have become God’s words, His promises, and encouragement to people. 

It’s actually not ordinary! It’s not the story of someone’s talent or someone’s diligence but it is a story of a loving Father reaching out to His children through whatever means He can find available. I have learnt that the words of God will come to pass- you do what you should do, don’t sit down expecting some spectacular moment (although God will sometimes show up spectacularly, but leave that to Him) You work, expecting God to show up and make your natural supernatural. 

  1. The right numbers attracts special grace: I have written a number of songs, by myself, but none of these have ever had the impact that ‘God is good’ has had on people. This song was written in about one week. The fact that more than one person was working on this song brought a grace that I had never experienced- one of speed and accuracy. Just that togetherness for a God purpose- it was really blessed. I hear stories of some songs that took months or years to compose (nothing wrong with that o) but after this song, I realized that God brings out songs at the time that it needs to be out. So sometimes, he will bring some people together and bless that union for his purpose. I really cant make light of moments when we were hanging out or praying together and just really sensing God’s presence. Evidently, there was such a Grace upon our togetherness.

‘God is good’ was a song in season for our church and I have lost count of the number of testimonies I have heard about it. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken if I tried to do it alone, or how mistaken I would have been in what I put out. I wonder how much I would have burdened God’s working in our church if I wanted to be the star. 

The people around us are not there by accident and when God wants something done through you, He will often use the relationships around to strengthen his working.

The most significant part of our story is being part of the bigger story. 

I’d really want people to walk away with a sense of knowing that God is real and that God is good. I think that’s such a throw-away line in prayers and what not, but if you look at the average person who comes in to a service and maybe they were going through things that would seem unimaginable to some of us… and then they hear these songs of hope pointing them to a God that is good and Who has higher thoughts for them than they have for themselves, you can’t make light of what it does.

“For  as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways, And My thoughts than your thoughts” Isaiah 55:9 NKJV

It becomes such a life changing statement. To know who God really is and what He has planned for His children

“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord , thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11 NKJV. 

‘God is good’ is a fact- it’s true regardless of any circumstance we may find ourselves in. Also, in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, God has got good coming. The theme of the song came from thoughts and statements shared in church by both Pastor Tolu and Pastor Akin.

Our prayer is that when people hear this song, ‘God is good’ ceases to be a cliché and it becomes a revelation that encourages hearts till they see more and more of the goodness of God.

Written by: ‘Tobi Salako and ‘Loni Familoni